Skum ROCKS! to Screen at Dances with Films Festival

Narrated by Alice Cooper, Skum ROCKS! chronicles the hilarious and unbelievable true story of the rise and fall of one of the strangest acts in rock history…

Called “the most famous band you’ve never heard of,” Skum ROCKS! self-titled documentary has been accepted into the prestigious 17th annual Dances with Films festival. Screening on May 30 at 2:45 p.m at Hollywood’s Chinese Theater, Skum is a full-length rock and roll film narrated by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Alice Cooper and produced by Imaginaut Films. Directed by Clay Westervelt, this film dances along the edge of perhaps one of the most bizarre stories in the annals of rock and roll history.

The film documents the unbelievable true story of the band that gained East Coast popularity in the late 1980s despite having a complete lack of musical talent and ambition. A powerful PR machine built their fame, and soon their primary objective was to invent new and creative ways to get kicked off stage without actually playing. Narrated by hall of famer Alice Cooper, Skum Rocks!, is a genre-bending film described by some as a true-life ‘This is Spinal Tap’, and by others as an independent ‘Rock of Ages’.

Skum Rocks! chronicles the rise, fall, and return of this infamous band.

With over fifty celebrity cameos including Alice Cooper, Frankie Banali, Jon Stewart, Debbie Gibson, Sasha Grey, Chanel Ryan, Monique Parent, Antonio Ballatore, Traci Lords, Sharon Lawrence, and Tiffany. It’s jammed packed with so many A-List rockers and actors that we are not allowed to list all of them for fear of creating mass confusion.

Skum Rocks! has reunited the band and they have appeared on the cover of the February edition of US Rockstar Magazine, Good Morning Phoenix, the Big 105‘s The Paul and Young Ron Show and others. The past year the band has recorded in Memphis’ fabled Sun Studios and London’s Abbey Road.

WHO/WHAT: Skum ROCKS! to screen at the 17th annual Dances with Films festival.

WHEN: May 30th @ 2:45 pm

WHERE: Mann’s Chinese Theatre

CONTACT:  Livia Squires, Squires PR (310) 273-4340

About Skum ROCKS! – Skum Rocks! is a full length feature documentary about the rise and fall of one of the strangest acts in rock history.  The film begins with the band’s onset in the mid 1980’s as an avant-garde college rock band whose members played together on the William & Mary varsity soccer team. Having no musical background, the band wrote their own songs, and Skum quickly emerged as one of Virginia’s largest college draws.

By the late 1980’s, Skum began to gain critical acclaim as well as an expanding fan base, resulting in their becoming brazen with both financial and business decisions.  They turned down several record company advances and began recording their own label — Refuse Records — for what they believed would become the next White Album.  Three years and many tens of thousands of dollars later, Skum’s master tapes were stolen in a carjacking in Miami, and the band soon went bankrupt.

The documentary focuses on Skum’s band members and the strange path they traveled.  No one is left unscathed in this brutally honest yet entirely entertaining look at the failure of a great rock band.  From the road crew they recruited from a soup kitchen, the guitarist who was obsessed with Traci Lords, the vast array of drummers that nobody seemed to remember, and the original bass players who never learned notes, Skum Rocks! takes the rock documentary to a new level.

Alice Cooper narrates, and celebrity cameos include Stephen Bauer, Jon Stewart, Traci Lords, Fran Dresher, Phil Donahue, Luther Campbell, Bruce Hornsby, Paul Rodgers, Vince Neil, Paul Stanley and Chanel Ryan. This fun, fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable film will have viewers pulling for Skum to get back together and give it one more shot.

And why not?  Skum Rocks!



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