Alice Cooper’s ROCK-N-ROLL BASH



Sponsored by Airpark Dodge Ram Chrysler Jeep, Fiat of Scottsdale and Alfa Romeo of Scottsdale, Alice Cooper’s Rock & Roll Vampire Bash directly benefits Solid Rock and The Rock Teen Center, and brings together some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports, PGA veterans and community leaders.

The Nocturnal Fun Includes…

A Cocktail Reception where you can chill with us in the Pro Em VIP Lounge, Silent Auction, Dinner, Live Auction and Live Entertainment on the PCS Stage with Alice Cooper and friends, including Alex Lifeson (Rush), Danny Seraphine (Chicago), Tommy Thayer (KISS), Frank Sidoris (Slash), and Neal Smith (Alice Cooper), and Jeff Allen.



Tickets are $250 per person and are on sale now by calling Joy Covell at the Solid Rock office at 602-522-9200. If you are one of our registered golfers your (2) dinner tickets are included in your registration fees.

4 thoughts on “Alice Cooper’s ROCK-N-ROLL BASH

  1. I wish I could come see ya, and wish it were cooler for sure if I did. However, I have challenges trying to organize things in my life which will never really be organised which is why i came to follow you around. It was God’s will; it can’t be explained cause he moves in mysterious ways. However, nothing makes any sense any more. Out of all the trips I can take, and I have to follow you which was really an eye opening experience for sure. I am just not happy 365 with the every day folks here especially the ones who want to hurt my car. You are a genuinely a great spirit, and I wish more people would become like you or even better; but, no such luck as of yet. It’s not about your wealth and money on the material levels; it’s about your luck and fortune that God gave you, and you have all survived the 60’s turmoil and have become a success through your talents and kind heart to help the teens of Phoenix to live more productive lives and to have the time of their lives as well. And you are all so popular and attractive and multi-talented. Cheers, Alice and Family, and friends, and fans, and the strangers of the strangest.

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