February 24

1582 Pope Gregory the 13th issued a papal bull correcting the Julian calendar, which was 10 days off. The new Gregorian calendar, named after the pope, went into effect in most Catholic countries on October 4 of that year. Britain and the American colonies adopted the calendar in 1752, Russia in 1918, and Greece in 1923.

1803 In its landmark Marbury v. Madison decision, the U.S. Supreme Court established “judicial review,” ruling that it was the final interpreter of constitutional issues.

1821 Mexico declared its independence from Spain.

1944 Former Rolling Stones pianist Nicky Hopkins is born. He dies in 1994.

1973 The Byrds break up after a show at The Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey.

1976 Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 by the Eagles is certified both gold and platinum for sales of two million copies. It’s the first album to receive platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association Of America.

1980 The U.S. hockey team beats Finland 4-2 to win the Olympic gold medal in Lake Placid, New York.

1981 Buckingham Palace announced the engagement of Britain’s Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer.

1981 Jean Harris was convicted of murdering Scarsdale diet doctor Herman Tarnower.

1991 U.S. and allied forces invade Iraq and Kuwait in the 100-hour ground assault on Iraqi troops, which successfully drives Iraqi forces from Kuwait.

1992 Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love are married.

1995 American diver Greg Louganis, who won four gold medals in the Olympic games in 1984 and 1988, revealed he had AIDS.

1998 Elton John is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, becoming Sir Elton John in his homeland.

1998 Actor-comedian Henny Youngman (“Take my wife. Please!”) dies.

2006 Actor Don Knotts (The Andy Griffith Show‘s Barney Fife, The Incredible Mr. LimpetThree’s Company‘s Mr. Furley) dies at age 81.

2008 Fidel Castro, the President of Cuba for almost fifty years, retires.