Alice Cooper Chats with Paul Cashmere on Noise11

6 thoughts on “Alice Cooper Chats with Paul Cashmere on Noise11

  1. YES!!
    Put ‘Nightmares’ on stage.
    Great concept & potentially a great show.
    Plus 2 hours with all the staging would be phenomenal.
    Do It!!

    • I loved the interview. Alice made me think really hard. I love welcome 2 my nightmare but honestly I thought disco bloodbath boogie fever was about him enjoying the music. I know I know bare with with me. Bodies here bodies there. Well duh! He kills them! See what happens when I study too much. * shakes head*

  2. Great interview! Can’t wait for Welcome 2 My Nightmare, will be totally awesome. Love watching Alice being so natural and candid with his comments. *sigh* 🙂 Looking forward to you coming to Perth in September!!!

  3. definitely have to take the nightmares to stage, when i first heard nightmare 2 was coming i was so xcited and lookin forward to the nightmare stage show… it never happenend so please please bring it to the stage i wasnt even born in 75 but that is the show ive always wanted to be at so please make it happen 🙂

  4. What a great interview, cant wait for Alice to come back to Perth WA Australia……….& go to my 9th Alice Show,,,,,,,,,,,,,Alice Cooper 4 Evaaaaaaaaaaaa

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