Ask Alice Vol. 16

Minion Jamie Lloyd asks Alice about tattoos..

8 thoughts on “Ask Alice Vol. 16

  1. I’ll do the tattoo for you alice. ^_^
    Speaking of which, the show needs to come back to Australia so that I can show off my new ink.

  2. Don’t do it, Alice. You’re perfect the way you are! And you have nothing to prove except that you could overcome a fear of needles for that one thing. I have no tattoos, but hear it hurts like you know what to get it done. You could admire the art of tattoos without getting one. Actually, getting an ear pierced would hurt less, because it’s just that one sting and it’s over. But, like I said, you don’t need either one to prove anything. Do it only if you really, really want to.

  3. Alice Alice Alice: Please!!! That’s a horrible thought for you to tattoo an ear ring into your ear. You hate needles, you said yourself so you will never touch your ear anyway. Also, when have you ever had an ear ring, in the history of your life span to date, in your ear? Stop it, Alice Cooper you wouldn’t do that!!!

  4. Just remember that getting a tattoo is like having a sewing machine needle jamming up and down, up and down at hummingbird speed. Yuck! You don’t want that! Let Chuck sport the tattoos. You don’t need one, or an earring, either!

  5. Actually, they do hurt, according to my many friends and co-workers who have tattoos. They’re not scared of needles, though…PLEASE…don’t do it, Alice!

  6. I think he was just being a little satirical here. Alice has always had a sort of phobia over needles, so he made a joke out of it.

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