Ask Alice Vol. 15

Minion Eric Roy asks Alice about a “Steven” screenplay..

9 thoughts on “Ask Alice Vol. 15

  1. I guess I never made a connection with my 7 year old within me. Those years are kind of far away and can only remember a few memories. Maybe I should try to remember that year. Since you are older, you should be able to help with what was happening that year. You were 20, and you are an Aquarius which suits you perfectly for some strange reason. I don’t find that most horror scopes fit people that well. You are genuinely a lovely soul so evolved from those drunken days. How many folks can achieve that and the fame, and you give back to society through your charity work. What a guy!

  2. Found 1975 script “Welcome to my Nightmare” in Toronto @ a Goodwill store 25 cents! Next stop for script recycle bin. Possibly Bob Ezrin’s copy Page 22 reads in writing “Only copy in print.” which was done on two colors of paper. green & white with notes written on the back of pages for scene set ups and time of rehearsals. to hotel and a few other great info notes.
    Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is interested and two collectors offered me a couple thousand dollars for the script.
    Come to Toronto and I’ll show you the script.

    Have a great day!

  3. hi Alice, Thinks its funny that whenever someone leaves a putt really short they always say ” dont trip on you bra strap Alice ”
    Like your radio show

    K Tyler

  4. Why all the fuss about Steven? What about the guy/kid from the ‘School’s Out’ album? Now that’s a character!

    • Is ‘School’s Out’ dead and gone? Not in my books! I think it warrants an original screenplay (forget poor Steven). Go global! School’s Out has been ‘in’ forever!


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