5 thoughts on “Alice Cooper – Live at AVO Session

  1. Alice’s performances have been awesome through out the years , i was at concerts back in the 70’s and he was great the only one i would pay to go see ,cause he didn’t just come out there and sing but you got a show , the show where they jumped outta the screen and on to the stage was so ahead of it’s time . so many good parts you would of had to have been there it was special , no lag in the show he had energy, it was fantastic. i haven’t been able to go to any of his new shows but i’m sure they are awesome

  2. sensational exhibition of talent as usual !!! Have not missed a tour since your tour with the Tubes…wayyyyy back when…each and every time show holds fantabulous (if that is even a word) stage sets, music and most of all –ALICE COOPER !!! we love ya Vince…raised my kids on your music…waiting for the grandkids…winks.

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