3 thoughts on “Alice Cooper in Award Winning Documentary “Louder Then Love – The Grande Ballroom Story”

  1. What a shame to see this magnificent ballroom in shambles. I hope that steps are taken to restore it, although it will be a monumental effort to do so. We have a local theater that had fallen into disrepair over the years since it had closed, and through the hard work of supporters and volunteers, it has been resurrected to glory. The beautiful art deco design and marquee is amazing, and the theater is being used as a venue for many live shows and indi film viewings.

    • Brilliantly stated! I hope to see it happen soon! I think that we generationally need to detour back to the 60’s without the drugs and just relax and enjoy life again. We were only given one life and so we should enjoy it rather than to worry or get swallowed up in anger. I love ROCK AND ROLL!!! And I love: The one and only Alice Cooper Band and every one of his bands and all of his rock n’ roll buddies. I wish they were all still alive: Keith Moon, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and the list is so long. Hopefully, we will all meet again in another sphere! Won’t that be far out!

      • Alice, you are louder than hell until he goes to play golf then he is mousy so mousy that i wonder if he has a double. One only has to wonder what he is like at home! A wild beast, perhaps? Wilder than on stage?

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