6 thoughts on “ALICE COOPER – “Elected”

  1. You, Sir, were a sparkling glimmer in my darkling childhood. Now, I am a half-centurian… and even a little more.. and yet embalming myself in the ancient lake of Naropian wisdom… life is strange, like myself…
    And here you are again,
    your voice a parapet on the airwaves
    that surround my current incarnation…
    And that makes me so happy.
    Long may you reign.

  2. Alice you have to run for president. I know you “Want to be Elected” and you would be the most grounded and honest president in all of history, not to mention the best looking! Alice for president 2016!!!
    Luv Ya,
    P.S. Can’t wait to see you perform here in Tucson Aug. 26th, I already have my tickets!

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