A Special Video Edition of “Me, Alice” — 07/18/13

22 thoughts on “A Special Video Edition of “Me, Alice” — 07/18/13

  1. LOL Followed ya across the eastern coast to the tune of 4 shows and have my ticket for the show at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester – – you are REALLY in my neck of the woods now and close to your old stomping grounds of Greenwich Connecticut where you guys had a house on Hill Road…..

  2. Always great to hear your current news. Looks like I’ll be seeing you again in November, hope you’ve been practicing your knife throwing! Are we going to get a chance to throw together this year?
    Take care Coop, see you in Nov!

  3. Audio or Video blog,I always end up with a bad case of the giggles.These are so much fun to hear/watch. Have a safe rest of your Tour.

  4. Folk?? After they do “Blowing in the Wind” you get up there my friend & “Blow em Away”…no blowing any kisses now! Give em’ hell Alice!! Saw you about 3 weeks ago & you TORE IT UP!! Have fun!

    • Yup, always put Alice where he doesn’t belong – a folk festival! Maybe he will win some converts to REAL rock (forget Mumford and Sons)! I saw you four weeks ago, and had the best time ever! You just get better every year! Hope to see you next year and every year for a long time!

  5. Alice, England. Take me with you. My grandfather and relatives live in Liverpool. I was just there and I miss it. I just got back on Thursday. I will pay for airfair. Wadda think.

  6. I have been loving you for so long, Than I hope to see
    you again in Brazil São Paulo, as soon as possible!
    Don:t forget your fans!

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