1910, Undersea explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau is born. He dies in 1997.
1919, Sir Barton won the Belmont Stakes, becoming the first Triple Crown winner.
1933Gene Wilder is born today. He dies in 2016. (The ProducersWilly Wonka & The Chocolate FactoryBlazing SaddlesYoung Frankenstein)
1938Johnny Vander Meer pitched the first of his two consecutive no-hitters as the Cincinnati Reds beat the Boston Braves 3-0.
1959, the U.S. Postmaster General banned the novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover from the mail. His edict was overruled by the Court of Appeals in 1960.
1964Manfred Mann record “Do Wah Diddy Dum Diddy Do.”
1977, “The Pretender” by Jackson Browne peaks at number 58.
1977, Seattle Slew won the Belmont Stakes and the Triple Crown.
1978, the John Travolta – Olivia Newton-John film Grease opened in movie theaters.
1979, Actor John Wayne (The Quiet ManHow The West Was WonThe Sons Of Katie ElderThe Green BeretsTrue Grit) dies at age 72.
1982Steven Spielberg’s ET – The Extraterrestrial opened.
1988, “We All Sleep Alone” by Cher peaks at numebr 14.
1990, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that law prohibiting the desecration of the American flag unconstitutional.
2001, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh is executed.
2002American Idol premieres.
2004Ronald Reagan‘s funeral is held at Washington National Cemetary.

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