5 thoughts on “Interview with Tommy Lee

  1. I love Tommy Lee and he is the most exciting drummer I’ve seen live. I would love to see this tour, however Vince’s voice just doesn’t sound good. Good luck Alice and Mötley Crüe.

  2. Alice Cooper get away from that guy tommylee, Mr cooper i consider you one of my hero’s but this dipshit tommy lee, is a moron and he licks obamas panties, if you continue too show your self with him, you will be 86th from my colection sorry bro!!!

  3. Hey, I am looking forward to the final tour. I am glad Alice that you are rockin with Motley Crue, and everyone else! Miss not seeing you play golf at the Humana and the Kraft-Nabisco. Rock n’ roll and play golf! I like Rory, the golfer. He is not afraid to express himself. I watch the golf channel. Too bad Alice can’t be on the golf channel himself with the other golfers. Would love to watch Alice play golf on TV! Alice make my wishes come true. Save me from this nasty Coachella Valley Desert. Save me, please!

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