5 thoughts on “Interview with Orianthi

  1. Alice,

    Thanks for the interview. I’ve seen orianthi with your band and she is FANTASTIC. I loved her abilities and she fits in so well with the creations in your show. Continue the shows and I hope to see you again. ROCK ON ALICE WE NEED YOU BROTHER!!!

  2. Alice,
    Orianthi is the best! Adding her to your band is probably the smartest thing you could have done! Women think she’s cool because she’s a chick up there rocking it out on stage, (I’m sure all women have that fantasy at some point) and men…well from the comments I’ve heard, they really appreciate her too, not just because she’s a great guitarist, but she’s so pretty. I wish her a long successful career!

  3. Hello Alice
    that Interview with Orianthi was wonderful I enjoyed listening to it I can’t wait to see you and Orianthi play live with your band from your rock fan Rhiannon 🙂

  4. alice that interview was amazing,you should interview manson next, by the way do you two have a rivalry going, you never play his music,
    yours truely
    Robert sampson

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