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  1. Hello Alice. I love all the interviews with you that I’ve heard. I really wanted to share some things with you though. My name is Daniel, I just turned 59 years old. I first became a fan of yours about the time you released pretties for you. I regret to say that I’ve only seen you in concert twice. The first time was at Anaheim Stadium, where you played with the kinks, sha na na, the tubes, and I think Blue Oyster Cult. The second time I saw you was many years later in Bakersfield at the Fox Theater. I can remember when I was a teenager and I heard you on a public service announcement on the radio. And you said something like this,” Hi, this is Alice Cooper. I just wanted to say that if I hear about any of you boys and girls out there taking downers or using heroin I will personally sneak in your bedroom window and slit your pudgy little throats.” Here’s something else… back when I was in my early thirties, I moved to Minnesota. I was on my way to work listening to the radio when a song featuring you and Guns n Roses performing Under my Wheels together. It was the 1st time I’ve ever heard of Guns N Roses. Well I heard the song several times over the next few weeks, and it sounded pretty good. And then one day I was listening to the news on that same radio station, when the newscaster had said something about how popular the song had become and that you wanted to release that version on one of your upcoming albums, however Guns N Roses refused to give you their permission to release it. All I could think was “Who the hell are these guys to say that Alice?” “Those ungrateful upstarts . upstartsThey should be honored to have had the chance to even perform any of Alice’s classics with him.” ” in fact, they should be the ones making him to release it. What better publicity could they ask for?” Anyways, I moved here to Arizona from California about a year and a half ago. living this close to you gives me hope that someday I might actually be able to meet you. And if I can and I do I know I’ll die a happy man. Oh, and one other thing. My personal favorite albums of yours are Muscle of Love, Welcome to my Nightmare, Billion Dollar Babies, Schools Out, Killer, and From the Inside.” But know this, I’ve never heard anything you’ve done that I didn’t like. There have only been two people in my life whom I have putupon pedestals, far about anyone else. With as close to Godlike status as is possible. They are Alice Cooper, and Joe Montana. Thank you for your time.

  2. hello Alice,
    I just turned 57 yesterday. I have been a fan of yours since the 1970’s . I have always liked your music. I have also been in recovery for a long time. I heard threw the yrs. We had something in common. One more thing. I am also blind. Thanks to modern tech. I have a computer I can use. You take care Conrad Metcalf
    owego n.y.

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