Monday 11/26

Minions, it’s Monday! We’ve almost made it to December and Alice Cooper is rewarding you tonight by giving you an extra-festive Night with Alice Cooper! What? Why, a Cooper’s Covers of a Cinderella song, and bizarre facts on soda pop and caffeine. Then it’s a Closet Classic from Uriah Heep, YOUR email requests for John Fogerty and Whitesnake, plus cool cuts by Aerosmith, Rush, U2 and even your frenemies in KISS! Tune in or miss out!

Tuesday 11/27

Here to make your week a lot more musical this Tuesday is your night freak Alice Cooper! On Coop’s show tonight he’ll have the Who covering the Stones, a This Day in Rock featuring George Harrison, and TRIVIA on Journey! Then it’s a Tuesday Bluesday tune from a man named Bull Moose, and your favorite tunes by Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and yes, Alice! It’s quite probably better radio than you deserve, but Nights with Alice Cooper offers great music to so-so people, so tune in and turn on!

Wednesday 11/28

Happy holidays from your well-seasoned host Alice Cooper! This evening the Coop has tasty radio for you – a special Doors Cooper’s Cover, a Live and Kicking song from Def Leppard AND This Day in Rock on Elton John and John Lennon! Plus, I’ll spin your favorites from ZZ Top, the Stones, GNR, Zeppelin, your deep cut requests and MORE! Nights with Alice Cooper—random rock for manic mutants!

Thursday 11/29

It’s little Friday–aka Thursday!–and Alice Cooper us here to fill your ears with happiness…and maybe a little custard! Later on he’ll have a This Day in Rock featuring George Harrison, a Cooper’s Cover from Joe Cocker, and TRIVIA on Alice himself. Then it’s a Bonus Cooper’s Cover from Deep Purple, your requests for, yes, Coop, and the Who, plus plenty of rock from all the greats—and one not-so great! It’s ALL coming later tonight, right here on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Friday 11/30

Happy Friday from that Alice Cooper! Guy, and be sure to kickstart your weekend with the best show in rock radio! The Coop has a This Day in Rock on Hendrix, TRIVIA on The Cars, AND he’s digging up a Live and Kicking tune from The Who! Then, it’s your requests the Scorpions and your humble host–no, not together, silly!—plus all the hits from Zeppelin, AC/DC, Van Halen, the Stones and MORE! It’s Friday Night with Alice Cooper TONIGHT!

Monday 12/3

Happy Monday! It’s Alice Cooper here reminding you that he’s got grade-A entertainment planned for you turkeys tonight – you’ll get This Day in Rock on Keith Richards and A Last Cut from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s second album! Then, Coop’ll have freaky facts on earthquakes and fleas, and cool cuts from Ozzy, Aerosmith, AC/DC and more! Wow, that doesn’t sound half bad! Join me tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper, and yes, you ARE worthy!

Tuesday 12/4

Happy Tuesday, it’s Alice Cooper! Listen to his action-packed radio show tonight – He’s got a great Cooper’s Cover from Hendrix, a Tuesday Bluesday tune from LA band Canned Heat and your requests for the Coop himself and Wishbone Ash. Plus, he’ll spin songs you don’t hate from Skynyrd, Guns N’ Roses, Ozzy, Red Rider and Aerosmith! Welcome to the beginning of your holiday nightmare, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Wednesday 12/5

Hello kiddies, it’s your holiday hero, Alice Cooper! Spend this fine evening listening to his radio program—Coop’s got This Day in Rock on the Stones, trivia on George Thorogood and a cool Live and Kicking tune by the Doors! Then Alice’ll spin your favorites from Queen, Van Halen, Soundgarden, AND he’s got a Cooper’s Cover of a JJ Cale tune! And it’s not the one you’re thinking. Tune in tonight for Nights with Alice Cooper—it’s guarantee to be safer and more fun than whatever else you had planned!

Thursday 12/6

It’s Alice Cooper reminding you to tune in TONIGHT to his show! He’s got This Day in Rock honoring Roy Orbison, TRIVIA on the one and only Eagles, AND he’ll spin a LIVE version of HIS song ‘Under My Wheels’! Of course he’ll also be taking EMAIL requests, AND he’s got your favorites from Def Leppard, Van Halen, AC/DC, and MORE! Let’s spend the night together… in a strictly platonic way—right here this evening on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Friday 12/7

Happy Friday from the freakiest of them all, Alice Cooper! He’ll get your weekend going with a Movie Music Madness song from The Fab Thunderbirds and a Cooper’s Christmas cover from Jimi Hendrix. Then it’s a Live and Kicking tune from Dave Edmunds, This Day in Rock featuring Motley Crue, and your favorite tracks from the Police, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, the Byrds, Van Halen and loads MORE! Don’t miss the Friday freakout on Nights with Alice Cooper—great radio for pretty good listeners.