Monday – 08/31/15

Happy Last day of August from your night-freak Alice Cooper! This evening he’s got a This Day in Rock featuring Bob Dylan, TRIVIA on the Coop himself, EMAIL requests from listeners like YOU, plus a Live and Kicking classic from the Ramones! Of course you’ll rock out with your socks out to Zeppelin, AC/DC, Ozzy, Nirvana and the rest! End the month responsibly, listen to Nights with Alice Cooper tonight!

Tuesday – 09/01/15

HEY! It’s ALICE, that rockstar, golfer radio guy! Tonight he’s got a really big show – a Cooper’s Cover of Elton John from the Who, a This Day in Rock featuring Fleetwood Mac, and Freaky Facts about Barbie & Ken and frogs! THEN it’s a Tuesday Bluesday tune, a Song We Just Don’t Understand by the Beatles and so much more Coop’d have to kill you if he told you what it was. The madness is all right here, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper, random radio for rabid rockers!

Wednesday – 09/02/15

On tonight’s lil ol radio show Alice Cooper will blow your mind with rad radio stuff – including a Cooper’s Cover from the late Johnny Winter, This Day in Rock featuring the Stones, AND TRIVIA on some guy named Alice Cooper. PLUS A Lockdown Rockdown song from ZZ Top, Ya Gotta Love the ‘80s with RATT, AND YOUR email requests! It’s action-packed radio for lazy people like YOU, right here tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Thursday – 09/03/15

He’s your fiendishly entertaining host Alice Cooper, with an endless stream of excellent entertainment! How about a Future Classic from Deep Purple, and a Live and Kicking tune done by my touring pals Motley Crue? Then, check THIS out—Coop’s got Freaky Facts submitted by one of his lunatic listeners, plus a Closet Classic from Arthur Lee and Love, plus killer cuts from T. Rex, Ratt, the Who and Skynyrd! It’s all on Nights with Alice Cooper, good radio for bad people like YOU!

Friday – 09/04/15

HAPPY FRIDAY, the first day of LABOR DAY WEEKEND! He’s Alice Cooper, Hollywood Vampire, ready to kick the whole thing off tonight! How? With a Cooper’s Cover of Van Morrison, a This Day in Rock featuring the Stones, some Queen in honor of Freddie Mercury, AND TRIVA about Jimi Hendrix… THEN there’s a cool Live and Kicking song from Jimmy Page with the Black Crowes, and your requests for Coop and The Who. The Labor Day weekend party starts here, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!