Monday 2/18

Your humble-ish host Alice Cooper wants to be “Elected” on President’s Day! So turn into his night show to support your candidate for the Wild Party! Alice’ll have a This Day in Rock on Freddie Mercury and a special Cooper’s Covers for you BOC and Steppenwolf fans! Then it’s a Vinyl Siding selection straight from a Deep Purple record, plus plenty of cool tracks from Van Halen, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, the Stones and yours truly. It’s a President’s Night edition of music and mayhem, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Tuesday 2/19

Hey kiddies, it’s your night-ghoul Alice Cooper! On this fine evening you’ll get a Last Cut from the Stones, your email requests for Alice himself and Van Halen, plus songs that don’t suck from the Zeppelin, Skynyrd , Queen, Steve Miller and Kanye West! Just kidding about that last one. Plus, Freaky Facts on Star Trek and Dog Pee. Nights with Alice Cooper—radio that makes your ears happy, aka the best thing going on a Tuesday night!

Wednesday 2/20

Welcome to your night-show! The man of the hour (well, FIVE hours!) is Alice Cooper, and on this Wednesday night he’ll have a Cooper’s Cover from the great Humble Pie and Freaky Facts on dog poop and Galileo’s middle finger. Then it’s your requests for Mr. Cooper, live music from Black Sabbath, a Future Classic from a new supergroup, PLUS your favorites from Zeppelin, Skynyrd, the Police and Van Halen. Phew, that’s a lot! It’s only here tonight, on the radio show your enemies call Nights with Alice Cooper!

Thursday 2/21

Happy Thursday! This evening Professor Uncle Alice’ll have a Live and Kicking tune from Motley Crue, TRIVIA on The Who, This Day in Rock on the Eagles, AND email requests from you psychopaths! AND of course, The Coop’ll spin your favorite tunes from Zeppelin, AC/DC, the Stones, Soundgarden, Van Halen and more! Alice’ll even play you some LIVE music from his Vampires guest star Paul McCartney! It’s more radio than you know what to do with, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper, tune in if you know what’s good for you!

Friday 2/22

It’s Alice Cooper, and he’ll be here tonight to DJ your party, FOR FREE! Or you can pay if you want to… he’s got loads of rock and talk in store–This Day in Rock with Jethro Tull, a Cooper’s Cover from Grand Funk and TRIVIA on Foghat! PLUS, it’s a Live and Kicking song from the Allmans, and the Coop’ll have a Future Classic from a member of White Lion! It’s all here TONIGHT on Nights with Alice Cooper!