Tuesday – 10/21/14

Greetings from your night-freak, Alice Cooper! We’ll start to get EXTRA freaky tonight as we approach Halloween—He’ll have spooky songs from Golden Earring and Sabbath, PLUS a band called Tempest covering the Beatles! Plus, there’s Freaky Halloween Facts, Aersomith trivia and the Come Sail Away contest at nightswithalicecooper.com! Put on your hockey mask to get in the mood, and we will rock, only this evening here on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Wednesday – 10/22/14

Welcome to your Shocktober nightmare, Alice Cooper on the radio! This evening, tune in for a Cooper’s Cover from the band HELLoween; a Ya Gotta Love the 80s song from Whitesnake and the Come Sail Away AND Scary Selfie contests! Then it’s a Live and Kicking tune from Sabbath, and classic cuts from Aerosmith, the Doors, Deep Purple, Guns N’ Roses and Pink Floyd, PLUS Freaky Facts about Halloween! Don’t miss the freak-show Alice likes to call Nights with Alice Cooper, only right here tonight!

Thursday – 10/23/14

Well, it’s just A WEEK before HALLOWEEN, and Alice Cooper is dishing out all sorts of treats, even if you’re wearing a lame costume! He’s got a Live and Kicking tune from the ever-spooky Sabbath and an interview with Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott about his Down N Outz project. Then it’s great tuneage from Bowie, Zeppelin, Tull, Montrose, the Cars and Alice Cooper! Are you scared yet? You should be! See you tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Friday – 10/24/14

Greetings, you scary little monsters, it’s Alice Cooper at the weekend just one week away from Halloween! There’ll be a This Day in Rock on Nixon and drugs, special Beatles Trivia, a cool Halloween edition of Cooper’s Covers from the Misfits, and a Live music from the Doors! And don’t forget to enter the Come Sail Away with Alice contest for a chance to go cruising next year! Yes, it’s your one-stop shopping spot for Halloween madness, Nights with Alice Cooper!