Monday 10/15/18

Hey freaks, it’s Alice Cooper just 16 DAYS before Halloween! Tonight The Coop’ll spin a Halloween edition of Cooper’s Covers and dish out Freaky Facts that are equally freaky and factual! I’ll also have a great Live and Kicking tune from David Bowie and spin some Led Zeppelin, Cars, Motley Crue, Rush and Alice himself! Start your week off in the creepiest way possible—listen to Nights with Alice Cooper tonight!

Tuesday 10/16/18

Greetings from your night-freak, Alice Cooper! In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday, he’ll have some spooky songs and plenty that aren’t spooky at all – but you love them nonetheless! Plus, there’s Freaky Halloween Facts, The Who trivia and a Tuesday Bluesday song from Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield and an Idioms for Idiots where The Coop’ll play ya John Lennon! Put on your hockey mask to get in the mood, and we will rock, only this evening here on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Wednesday 10/17/18

Nights with Alice Cooper is your one-stop-shop for ROCK! (And talk, from your humble (?) host, Alice Cooper.) You like Hendrix, Van Halen, Boston, the Doors, Pearl Jam and the Who? Well, then you’ll dig tonight’s show! Plus, you’ll get Freaky Facts about rashes and apple pie and Alice’s very own picks for deep cuts in Cooper’s Closet Classics! Nights with Alice Cooper: The rare radio show that’s well done—with a side of fries! (Plus, it’s calorie-free fun!)

Thursday 10/18/18

Well, it’s just a couple weeks before HALLOWEEN, and Nights with Alice Cooper is dishing out all sorts of treats! Your sweet host Alice Cooper has a Live and Kicking from Blue Oyster Cult and a Last Cut from Bon Scott-era AC/DC! Then it’s great tuneage from Bowie, Zeppelin, the Cars, GNR, and the late, great Tom Petty! Are you scared yet? You should be! See you tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Friday 10/19/18

Greetings, scary little monsters, it’s Alice Cooper to kick off your weekend, just 12 days away from Halloween! Tonight there’ll be a This Day in Rock honoring Humble Pie, special trivia on Queen, a cool Halloween edition of Cooper’s Covers from the Misfits, and a Live & Kicking tune from the Doors! And of course, Coop’ll be taking requests for his own rock ‘n’ roll madness, from YOU! Yes, Nights with Alice Cooper is your one-stop shopping spot for Halloween madness, only here, only on this bat station!