Monday – 03/30/15

Greetings from your night-freak Alice Cooper! You’re bummed that it’s Monday, so that’s why The Coop’s gonna kickstart your week with rock and talk that doesn’t suck. How? Why, with a This Day in Rock on Hendrix, a great Cooper’s Cover of Janis Joplin, AND Freaky Facts on Elvis and rodent feces! Then it’s a Bonus Cooper’s Cover from Iggy Pop, PLUS my Vinyl Siding segment featuring Traffic, AND tons o’ Clapton for Slowhand’s birthday! It’s a manic Monday of music and mayhem, only on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Tuesday – 03/31/15

– It’s your not-so-humble host, Alice Cooper, with a semi-great radio show for you tonight! There’s a Cooper’s Covers of George Harrison, bizarre facts on coffee shops and reindeer sausage, and his Closet Classic from birthday boy Angus Young! Then it’s a little something from KISS Alive, plus lots of great stuff by Motley Crue, Zep, Van Halen and Pink Floyd! Tonight’s Nights with Alice Cooper—good radio for mutants and minions like HUGH!

Wednesday – 04/01/15

Greetings from your night-fool Alice Cooper! It’s April Fool’s Day, so prepare for more shenanigans than usual! He’s got a This Day in Rock on John and Yoko, Cheap Trick covering Bob Dylan for Cooper’s Covers, AND a Live and Kicking tune from Thin Lizzy! And of course, you’ll hear the coolest and foolest cuts from Def Leppard, Guns n’ Roses, AC/DC and Pink Floyd. Nights with Alice Cooper— good radio for foolish mutants and minions like yourself!

Thursday – 04/02/15

Happy night before Friday from your night-man Alice Cooper! On this fine Thursday Alice’ll have a great cover of Neil Diamond from Deep Purple; a This Day in Rock on Fleetwood Mac, AND a Ya Gotta Love the ‘80s from Motley Crue. Then it’s random rock from Hendrix, Skynyrd and The Coop, plus Freaky Facts on camels and space vehicles! The mayhem and madness is only on this evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper, random radio show for specific people!

Friday – 04/03/15

Howdy-do, mutants, from your night-man Alice Cooper! For your Friday he’s got a This Day in Rock on Keith Richards, a special cover of Hendrix from Jeff Beck, and bizarre facts on Mickey Mouse and India! Then Coop’ll start his NEW segment, The Last Cut is the Deepest, with one of HIS tunes, plus there’s gonna be a Quiet Room song and story from Ozzy. Don’t miss the radio show your parole officer likes to call Nights with Alice Cooper!