Tuesday – 05/05/15

Hola, and happy Cinco de Mayo! It’s your night muchacho, Alice Cooper, and later on this festive evening your favorite radio hombre will have LOADS of drinking and party-themed songs, bizarre facts ALL about tequila; a Tuesday Bluesday tune from the Small Faces, AND a Ya Gotta Love the ‘80s tune from WASP. Of course, you’ll get cool cuts from the Stones, Black Sabbath and Def Leppard…so you bring the taco fixin’s and tequila, and I’ll provide the rock—only here, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper! Adios for now, amigos!

Wednesday – 05/06/15

A big HELLO from the man you go to sleep with at night, Alice Cooper! Stay tuned because this evening he’ll have a This Day in Rock on Zep, Def Leppard doing T. Rex for Cooper’s Covers and a bonus Cooper’s Cover, which is going to be a surprise! Plus, Alice will have a deep Closet Classic from the Runaways, and cool cuts from Queen, Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith! All this and much more tasty rock goodness is on this evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper! See ya then!

Thursday – 05/07/15

Greetings from your Thursday night sick thing, Alice Cooper! He’s a freak every other night of the week too, but today he’s feeling especially twisted! Later on my show he’ll have a cover of Little Richard from Queen, a Vinyl Siding song from Deep Purple’s ‘Burn,’ and a Live And Kicking song by Hendrix! Plus, if you’re nice, you’ll even get Motley Crue and the Kinks! Told you Coop was feeling freaky! All the fun is right here tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper, random radio for rabid rockers!

Friday – 05/08/15

Mutants Unite! We’ll all be meeting tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper…and yes, even YOU are invited! Start your weekend off the best way possible—with trivia on Mr. John “Ozzy” Osbourne and a Name That Theme with Alice and Paul McCartney, thank you very much! Then it’s Donovan, Guns N’ Roses, The Band, Judas Priest and Journey, plus a Live and Kicking tune from my pals in Cheap Trick! It’s Alice’s Friday night party and you’re invited, so don’t be late, here tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!