Friday 02/23/2018

It’s Alice Cooper, and he’ll be here tonight to DJ your party, FOR FREE! Or you can pay if you want to… he’s got loads in store–This Day in Rock with Dire Straits, a Cooper’s Cover from Grand Funk and TRIVIA on Aerosmith! PLUS, it’s a Live and Kicking song from the Allmans, and he’ll have a Future Classic from guitar god Joe Satriani! It’s all here TONIGHT on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Monday 02/26/2018

Hey there friends and enemies, it’s Alice Cooper! He has an excellent show planned to kick off your week! – a This Day in Rock in honor of Jimmy Page, a Cooper’s Cover from Judas Priest and trivia on the Who. Then Alice’ll spin a monster prog tune from YES and your favorites from Pink Floyd, Billy Squier, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith and MORE! Start your week right here, on this evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper!

Tuesday 02/27/2018

It’s your nightman, Alice Cooper, with another self-proclaimed amazing radio show tonight. Indeed, you lucky dogs get a This Day in Rock featuring Pink Floyd, a Cooper’s Cover of Bob Dylan, AND TRIVIA on the Doors! And how could Coop forget a Tuesday Bluesday cover by Duane Allman, plus a Future Classic from Mark Slaughter? And of course the coolest by AC/DC, Guns n’ Roses, the Stones, and Alice himself! It’s Tuesday night with The Coop, only right here on Nights with Alice Cooper, your favorite radio show!

Wednesday 02/28/2018

Hello, Hooray, it’s Alice Cooper! This fine evening he’ll have a great Cooper’s Cover by Status Quo, and delightfully Freaky Facts on Mars and menstrual cramp. Then you’ll get a Future Classic from a former member of Foreigner and King Crimson! Dang! Plus, if you’re good, he’ll spin your favorites from Boston, Zeppelin, Def Leppard, Nirvana, U2, Hendrix and Edgar Winter! It’s mid-week musical madness, only right here on Nights with Alice Cooper, the rare radio show that’s well done!

Thursday 03/01/2018

Alice Cooper will ramble like a lunatic for YOUR sonic pleasure! Tonight, check out a This Day in Rock on drummer Ginger Baker, Freaky Facts on frogs and cheap tricks, and a Bonus Cooper’s Cover of CCR by Hanoi Rocks!  Then it’s a Last Cut is the Deepest from Sabbath’s Paranoid album, and Alice’s special favorites from the Beatles, Bowie, ZZ Top and Pink Floyd! Yes, it’s only on Nights with Alice Cooper, pretty darn great radio for poorly behaved listeners like YOU!

Friday 03/02/2018

Greetings from your favorite mutant, Alice Cooper! To kickstart your weekend you just might get lucky enough to have a This Day in Rock featuring the Stones, a Cooper’s Cover from UFO, and a cool Closet Classic of rare rock from someone like Traffic, LOVE or Zappa. Then you’ll get cool segments like Live and Kicking, Songs we Just Don’t Understand, and maybe freaky facts on curling irons and dictionaires! It’s a Friday night freakfest par-excellence, only here tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!