Tuesday – 07/29/14

Your night watchman, Alice Cooper, is coming to you from lovely Wheatland, California! This evening’s show will feature all of your favorites: This Day in Rock on David Bowie, a Cooper’s Cover from the Yardbirds, AND a Tuesday Bluesday tune from the late, great Johnny Winter! Then it’s Freaky Facts on ice cream and sharks, and a bonus Cooper’s Cover by Krokus! All this and so much less, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Wednesday – 07/30/14

As the Motley-Cooper tour roll on, your pal Alice makes time for his radio show EVERY night! And this evening he’ll have a great Cooper’s Cover from the Ramones, Freaky Facts on kidneys and Siberia, and a Bonus Cooper’s Cover of a Fleetwood Mac song. Then it’s EMAIL requests directly from YOU for Slade and Pink Floyd, you sick things! Spend your mid-week mental breakdown with The Coop, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Thursday – 07/31/14

Hey, hey, it’s your favorite freak Alice Cooper! Tonight he’s celebrating “Little Friday” with a great Cooper’s Cover of a Beatles song and a This Day in Rock on the Stones! Then it’s bizarre facts about elephants and South Korea, a new band covering Coop’s own song “Second Coming” plus a Live and Kicking from Jimi Hendrix. Don’t miss Nights with Alice Cooper TONIGHT…if you know what’s good for ya!

Friday – 08/01/14

Happy Friday from your weekend warrior Alice Cooper! Join him on tour in Salt Lake City, and he’ll give you a This Day in Rock on George Harrison and a Same Name segment with UFO and KISS!  And Coop’ll play Dead—the Grateful Dead, that is—since today would’ve been Jerry Garcia’s birthday. Then there’s deep cuts, TRIVIA on Hendrix, requests for Alice’s OWN music and a Future Classic from Neal Schon! It’s a Friday night party, so bring the onion dip and don’t be late, here on Nights with Alice Cooper!