Tuesday 06/19/2018

Greetings from your night man with the nightmares, Alice Cooper! He’s got a special Tuesday night show for you this evening—trivia on Nazareth, a This Day in Rock on The Stones and a Tuesday Bluesday from the Yardbirds. Then, if you’re nice, Alice’ll spin a Cooper’s Cover from the Dead AND give ya a bonus Cooper’s Cover from Judas Priest! It’s better than whatever else you planned on doing tonight—it’s Nights with Alice Cooper, random radio for rabid rockers!

Thursday 06/21/2018

Yes, mutants, tis Alice Cooper, coming to you from his Euro tour with the Hollywood Vampires! Tonight he’ll have This Day in Rock featuring Rainbow! And then it’s a Cooper’s Cover from Aerosmith, and Freaky facts on Hallmark and man-purses! Then it’s a Queen song you don’t hear every day in Movie Music Madness, plus cool cuts from Van Halen, Whitesnake and Judas Priest! Tune in tonight, because this edition of Nights with Alice Cooper will keep you entertained for minutes on end, Coop promises!

Friday 06/22/2018

Hey there, it’s your Friday former Furnier Alice Cooper! To kickstart your party Coop’s got This Day in Rock featuring guitarist Jesse Ed Davis, TRIVIA on the Doors, and a new music from Judas Priest! THEN of course you’ll get TONS of Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, AND Alice himself! Plus, you’ll get Fleetwood Mac in Movie Music Madness! Cool, right? Coop’ll see you tonight for the biggest Friday night party in town, right here on Nights with Alice Cooper!