Monday 11/12

Hey freaks, it’s Alice Cooper on an manic Monday! On this evening’s fabulous radio show he’ll have This Day in Rock on Eric Clapton, and a Cooper’s Cover of a Neil Young song done by the Pretenders. Then he’s got House of Lords covering Blind Faith, PLUS your favorites from Skynyrd, Boston and Motley Crue. Start your week the way all the cool kids do—by listening to Nights with Alice Cooper tonight!

Tuesday 11/13

Greetings from your night-freak, Alice Cooper, rocking through the wacky week before Thanksgiving! This fine evening he’s got a This Day in Rock featuring Pete Townshend and a Garage Rock tune from the Music Machine! Of course, Coop’ll also spin your favorites from GNR, Zeppelin, Great White, and feed you freaky facts about camels and the Civil War! It’s the rare radio show that’s well done, later tonight, only on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Wednesday 11/14

Welcome to your nightmare, Alice Cooper on the radio! Tune in tonight—Coop’ll have a Cooper’s Cover from Phish, Freaky Facts on the Average American and the Cleveland Browns. PLUS it’s something live and kicking from the Doors! Then there’s Tom Petty, Van Halen, ZZ Top and Alice himself to listen to, so tune in and turn on, freaks, to the little radio program your granny likes to call Nights with Alice Cooper, right here tonight!

Thursday 11/15

Hey there, it’s Alice Cooper coming to you just a week before Thanksgiving! Tonight’s action-packed radio show has trivia on the Who, This Day in Rock on Iron Maiden, AND bizarre facts on Orson Wells and Friday the 13th. Then it’s a special Idioms for Idiots segment, plus your favorites from Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, and MORE. Nights with Alice Cooper—it’s the rare radio show that’s well done—with a side of A-1 Sauce!

Friday 11/16

That Alice Cooper guy is here to give you a musical FRIDAY NIGHT FREAKOUT! Start your weekend tonight with trivia on Billy Squier, a This Day in Rock on Queen, plus a Cooper’s Cover from the Stones AND a request for Alice’s favorite drummer! But wait, there’s more! Alice’ll have new music from Ace Frehley, and a Live and Kicking tune from his buddy Bob Seger! Exorcise some demons with Alice Cooper, tonight right here on this station!

Monday 11/19

Happy Monday! For all you Thanksgiving turkey trotters tonight, on Nights with Alice our host will have a classic Zep song by Heart for Cooper’s Covers, AND a Bonus Cover of Billy Idol doing the Doors, plus a Lockdown Rockdown song from the Eagles! And of course, cool cuts from Boston, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, that Alice fellow, and Guns n’ Roses. Yes, it’s all here later on Nights with Alice Cooper,

Tuesday 11/20

Happy Tuesday from your night freak, Alice Cooper! Freak out along with our night man this evening, ’cause he’s got a This Day in Rock featuring Bob Dylan and a Cooper’s Cover from Bob Seger. Plus, it’s your favorites from Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Who, Motley Crue, and Freaky Facts on the Eskimo Bible and flirting! Grab a carton of eggnog and some cornbread stuffing, and Coop’ll see you ALL right here, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Wednesday 11/21

Salutations, it’s your radio goonAlice Cooper to get you in the mood for Thanksgiving! He’s got This Day in Rock featuring Don Henley, rock TRIVIA on The Cars, PLUS the young band Greta Van Fleet in Deja New! Coop’ll also have your favorites from Aerosmith, Zeppelin, the Doors, Queen, Alice (of course!) and more! Tune in tonight for Nights with Alice Cooper—really, what else are you gonna do?!

Thursday 11/22

Happy Thanksgiving! Spend your night being thankful you have Alice Cooper, your favorite turkey! He’s got festive treats—Thanksgiving Freaky Facts, food songs, and “Thank You” tunes from Zeppelin and the James Gang. Plus, he’s got a Bonus Thanksgiving Classic from Tesla, and plenty of music from the likes of Tom Petty, the Beatles and U2! Don’t spend Thanksgiving with your thumb in the cranberry sauce—hang out with the Coop tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper! Gobble-gobble!

Friday 11/23

It’s Alice Cooper on Black Friday, shopping till he drops! So listen tonight as Alice has Freaky Facts on Pringles and polar bears, and a Live and Kicking classic cover from John Fogerty!  Then it’s a Last Cut is the Deepest from Sabbath, plus great tunes from Aerosmith, Soundgarden, Guns N’ Rosesand BOC! Spend Black Friday with your dark radio lord, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper! of Tom Petty, the Beatlesand U2! Don’t spend Thanksgiving with your thumb in the cranberry sauce—hang out with the Coop tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper! Gobble-gobble!