Monday – 05/25/15

Happy Memorial Day from the very memorable Alice Cooper! While you chug cheap beer and grill spam-burgers, Coop’ll be entertaining you tonight! How? Why, with a This Day in Rock featuring the Kinks, a Cooper’s Cover AND Quiet Room by Ozzy, some thorough TRIVIA on Thorogood, AND of course, your favorites from Pink Floyd, the Stones, AC/DC, and even Alice Cooper! It’s the ONLY way to cap off your 3-day weekend—listen to Nights with Alice Cooper tonight!

Tuesday – 05/26/15

Greetings, minions! It’s Alice Cooper post-Memorial Day! Tune in and freak out tonight with a This Day in Rock featuring a drunken Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, a special Cooper’s Cover of Jimi Hendrix, a Monster Prog segment featuring Yes, AND EMAIL requests from real live listeners! PLUS, it’s a great Live and Kicking tune from the Stones “Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out’ album, AND all your favorites from Pink Floyd, Ozzy, the Doors and MORE! It’s Nights with Alice Cooper—tonight on THIS station!

Wednesday – 05/27/15

Of course it’s Alice, who were you expecting, Johnny Depp?! On tonight’s radio show Coop will entertain you in ways you never thought were possible – a Cooper’s Cover of Fleetwood Mac from Judas Priest, This Day in Rock featuring the Sex Pistols, TRIVIA about Alice himself, and a Last Cut from Skynyrd! Plus, he’ll have your favorites from Ozzy, Hendrix, Nirvana, and of course LOTS of AC/DC. Don’t miss all of this craziness and MORE, later tonight, so tune in or miss out!

Thursday – 05/28/15

HEY! Listen to Nights with Alice Cooper this evening, where you’ll hear a This Day in Rock featuring Led Zeppelin, some TRIVIA on Steely Dan, and Live and Kicking from George Harrison! Then it’s a ‘Ya Gotta Love the 80s’ tune from Lita Ford and freaky facts on medieval doctors and melted chocolate to freak you out! Just leave the radio on this station until this evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper if you know what’s good for you!

Friday – 05/29/15

Happy Friday! It’s your radio-goblin Alice Cooper! He’s got a great show tonight to start your weekend—it’s This Day in Rock featuring Phil Spector, a great blues cover from Aerosmith a BONUS cover from Faster Pussycat, plus a rare Live and Kicking cover from the Jimi Hendrix Experience! All the madness and mayhem is here tonight on the Friday night edition of Nights with Alice Cooper!