Monday 8/20/18

HAPPY MONDAY…and Robert Plant’s 70th birthday! It’s the king of your kind,  Alice Cooper, and this evening he’ll have a Cooper’s Covers from Megadeth, a This Day in Rock on the Monsters of Rock Festival, AND Freaky Facts on popcorn and beer. Then it’s a Future Classic from Ultraphonix, and of course plenty of Zep to celebrate Planty’s birthday! Spend your Stormy Monday the most rockin’ way possible—listen to Nights with Alice Cooper tonight!

Tuesday 8/21/18

Greetings from your touring night-mutant Alice Cooper! On this evening’s show he’ll have This Day in Rock on Led Zeppelin, email requests for Humble Pie  AND and a Cooper’s Cover of a Van Morrison song. Plus, it’s a Monster Prog tune from Jethro Tull, and your faves from Hendrix, Queen and ZZ Top and GNR! Nights with Alice Cooper…great radio for barely above-average listeners like yourself!

Wednesday 8/22/18

Alice Cooper here is prepping the best radio possible for your evening—and that includes the WORLD radio premiere of songs from his ‘A Paranormal Evening At The Olympia Paris’ album! Oh yes! Also, he’ll have trivia on Sammy Hagar; a Cooper’s Cover of Traffic and a This Day in Rock featuring Led Zeppelin. Then it’s cool cuts from Rainbow, Tom Petty, the Stones and the Police, plus Alice’ll pontificate about a well-known phrase in Idioms For Idiots! Don’t miss all of the lovely lunacy, only right here TONIGHT on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Thursday 8/23/18

HAPPY “little Friday” from your night-ghoul Alice Cooper! Listen to Coop’s show tonight as he’ll have a Cooper’s Cover of the Who from Tesla and a This Day in Rock on his friend Keith Moon! PLUS, Coop’s got a special Live and Kicking from his own cool self and the new ‘Live from Paris’ album!ALSO Coop’ll read your email requests for David Bowie and himself—not together, silly – so listen TONIGHT to Nights with Alice Cooper and let Coop entertain you! It’s free and you’re easy!

Friday 8/24/18

Super Duper Alice Cooper is gearing up for a Friday night radio show to kick off your weekend! How? Why will a little This Day in Rock featuring Queen, PLUS a Live & Kicking song from Alice, AND new music from his guitarist Ryan Roxie! Then Coop’ll spin Aerosmith, Tom Petty, Ozzy, and all your other heroes! All the Friday night mayhem is here, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!