Monday – 12/22/14

Ho Ho Ho!  It’s Santa Alice Cooper on Christmas Eve Eve Eve, reminding you to celebrate the holidays with him! Tonight he’ll have rockin’ Christmas music and rockin’ regular music too! EMAIL requests for the Beatles and Arthur Brown plus Kenny Wayne Shepard for Cooper’s Covers. And of course you’ll get raucous rock from ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin and Coop! Let’s curl up by the fire and roast some chestnuts together, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Tuesday – 12/23/14

There’s NO better way to share the spirit of the holidays with your loved ones than listening to Alice Cooper’s radio show tonight! He’ll have rockin’ Christmas music from Keith Richards, Cheap Trick, Cheech and Chong, AC/DC, ELP, U2, and the Pretenders! Plus, there’s Coop’s own Christmas song, a Movie Music Madness with Jim Carrey singing a holiday song, and so much more festivity that you’ll gain weight by just listening! Don’t miss the Yuletide madness—only here tonight on Christmas week with Alice Cooper!

Wednesday – 12/24/14

Holiday happiness on this Christmas Eve!! As you and yours gather round the tree–or radiator–listen to LOADS of Christmas covers and special holiday-themed segments from Bob Dylan, U2, Twisted Sister, Nick Lowe, Jimi Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lita Ford AND that Santa Alice fellow! It’s a Christmas celebration for all you ho, ho hos, only right here tonight on Christmas Eve with Alice Cooper!

Thursday – 12/25/14

Merry Christmas, mutants and minions! Alice’s gift to you is great classic rock with no filler, no fruitcakes and NO tired holiday tunes! He’ll have special editions of Cooper’s Covers, This Day in Rock, and a Name That Theme with Rainbow and Argent! And Coop’ll be opening HIS presents live on the radio, plus giving you gifts of AC/DC, the Stones, Guns N’ Roses, Hendrix and Judas Priest! Don’t miss the most bizarre Christmas around, tonight on the ho, ho, horrific Nights with Alice Cooper!

Friday – 12/26/14

Happy “day-after” from your festive Santa Alice! While you’re recovering from too much eggnog, relax and let Alice pick the music tonight! You’ll get cool Cooper’s Covers, Freaky Facts, and of course, lots of Alka-Seltzer and easy-to-digest hard rock from ZZ Top, Aerosmith, the Who and COOP to help with your post-Christmas tummy! The countdown to 2015 begins tonight, right here on Nights with Alice Cooper! Miss it at your own risk, mutants!