Tuesday – 09/30/14

Buenas Noches from your night-freak, Alice Cooper! On this evening’s lil program he’ll have Freaky Facts about old celebrities; a This Day in Rock featuring Skynyrd and BOC, AND a great Dylan cover by George Harrison! Then it’s a Tuesday Bluesday tune from Ten Years After, new music from SLASH; plus your favorites from Aerosmith, Ozzy, Queen, and Tull! Don’t miss a second of the madness, later tonight, only here on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Wednesday – 10/01/14

It’s Alice Cooper, refusing to call today Hump Day! And he won’t say Rocktober either, dangit! Tune in tonight for a This Day in Rock on Jimi Hendrix, a Cooper’s Cover from AC/DC, AND a Lockdown Rockdown tune from the Clash! Then it’s a Live and Kicking by the Stones and Jack White, and YOUR email requests read in Coop’s bad accent!  Nights with Alice Cooper, kickstarting your Halloween month with class, style… and blood!

Thursday – 10/02/14

Welcome to your night-man! He’s Alice Cooper and later, just for YOU, Alice’ll have a This Day in Rock on The Who! Then it’s a cool Cooper’s Cover from Pete Townshend, trivia about David Bowie, Freaky Facts about lightning bolts and Alaska and a Ya Gotta Love the ’80s tune featuring Skid Row! This evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper—good music for not-so-good people!

Friday – 10/03/14

Alice Cooper here is ready to celebrate the weekend with you on his lil ol radio show tonight—he’ll have a Byrds song by Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch, bizarre facts on Pope Napoleon’s family and natural disasters; and a This Day in Rock featuring Aerosmith! Then it’s a Lockdown Rockdown from AC/DC, plus Led Zeppelin in Vinyl Siding! It’s exciting stuff, but don’t take Coop’s word for it—tune in to this evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper to hear for yourself!