Wednesday – 11/26/14

Salutations from your radio goon Alice Cooper, whose mission is to get YOU in the mood for Thanksgiving! How? Why with a This Day in Rock featuring Cream, rock TRIVIA on Van Halen, PLUS it’s a ‘Ya Gotta Love the 80s’ song by Dangerous Toys that Alice himself inspired! Of course Coop’ll also have your favorites from Aerosmith, Zeppelin, the Doors, Soundgarden, ME and more! Tune in tonight for Nights with Alice Cooper—I mean, really, what else are you gonna do?!?

Thursday – 11/27/14

Gobble, gobble! Happy Thanksgiving! Spend your night being thankful you have Alice Cooper, your favorite turkey! He’ll have all sorts of festive treats—Thanksgiving Freaky Facts, food songs, and “Thank You” tunes from Zeppelin and ZZ Top. Plus, Coop’ll spin a Bonus Closet Classic from Iron Maiden and cool cuts from the Allman Brothers, John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix! Don’t spend Thanksgiving with your thumb in the cranberry sauce—hang out with the biggest radio turkey ever, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Friday – 11/28/14

It’s Alice Cooper on Black Friday, and he’s online shopping til he drops! Listen tonight as he’ll buy you some Freaky Facts on Pringles and polar bears, and a Live and Kicking classic from the Who! Then it’s a Ya gotta Love the 80s featuring Quiet Riot, plus great tunes from Aerosmith, Thin Lizzy, Guns N’ Roses and Pink Floyd! Spend Black Friday with your dark radio lord, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Monday – 12/01/14

Happy Monday! We’ve made it to December and Alice Cooper is rewarding you tonight by giving you an extra-festive Night with Alice Cooper! He’ll have a Cooper’s Covers of Hendrix performed by Alice Cooper himself, and bizarre facts on spinach and TV. Then it’s a Future Classic from Bryan Adams, a Bonus Cooper’s cover of Bad Company by a metal band, plus cool stuff by KISS, Foghat, the Cult and yes, even Journey! Tune in or miss out!

Tuesday – 12/02/14

Happy Tuesday from your night freak Alice Cooper! On his show tonight he’ll have the Who covering the Stones, a This Day in Rock featuring Kiss, and TRIVIA on Mr. Jimi Hendrix! Then it’s a Tuesday Bluesday tune from a man named Bull Moose, a Movie Music Madness from the Who, plus your requests for Alice and Dio! How does he fit all this into one show? Find out tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Wednesday – 12/03/14

Happy holidays from your well-seasoned host Alice Cooper! This evening he’s got tasty radio for you – a special Doors Cooper’s Cover, a live and kicking song from Def Leppard AND This Day in Rock on the Who! Plus, he’ll spin your favorites from ZZ Top, the Stones, Spirit, Zeppelin and MORE! Nights with Alice Cooper—random rock for manic mutants!

Thursday – 12/04/14

Happy Thursday, Alice Cooper is here to fill your ears with happiness! Later on he’ll have a This Day in Rock featuring Frank Zappa, a Cooper’s Cover from Joe Cocker, and TRIVIA on yours truly. Then it’s a Bonus Cooper’s Cover from Deep Purple, a Quiet Room tune from the Stones, plus plenty of rock from all the greats—and one not-so! It’s ALL coming later tonight, right here on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Friday – 12/05/14

Happy Friday from Alice Cooper! Start your weekend with Crosby, Still and Nash for This Day in Rock, then he’ll take EMAIL requests for himself and Krokus. Then he’s digging up a Ya Gotta Love the 80s from Dokken, AND a Live and Kicking song from the best live album EVER! Hint: it’s by the Who! It’s Friday Night with Alice Cooper TONIGHT!