Monday 08/29/16

Happy last day of August! Your night-freak Alice Cooper is working hard to prepare for tonight’s radio show. He’s got This Day in Rock featuring Roy Orbison, TRIVIA on himself, music from the film Suicide Squad, plus a Live and Kicking classic from the Ramones! Of course Alice also got your favorites from Zeppelin, AC/DC, Ozzy, Nirvana and the rest! End the month responsibly, listen to Nights with Alice Cooper tonight!

Tuesday 08/30/16

It’s a Tuesday, so Alice Cooper may play you two-fers. Or maybe not! You’ll have to tune in! But you WILL get Tuesday Bluesday–one of Coop’s favorite segments–and he’ll read your emails in his terrible immitation of his accent. Plus, you’ll get stellar songs by the Stones, Slade, AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses and maybe even Alice’s own Hollywood Vampires. Plus, he’ll tell tour tales, fill your face with Freaky Facts, and give you a Cooper’s Cover that’s truly weird! It’s a terrific Tuesday on Nights with Alice Cooper, so tune in or else!

Wednesday 08/31/16

It’s mid-week, hump-day, almost time to get ready for the weekend, and what better way to do that with your favorite rockstar/DJ Alice Cooper? You like Cooper’s Covers? Closet Classics? Ya Gotta Love the ’80s? Movie Music Madness? You’ll get it all and so much more from your host with the least! He’ll play songs you don’t hear on other stations from bands like the  Beatles, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Jefferson Airplane and of course, that great band…. And More! He’s yer hump-day honey, your guide to the dark side, Alice Cooper on the crazy ride that is Nights with Alice Cooper!

Thursday 09/01/16

HEY, it’s Alice Cooper! Tonight he’s bringing you an unbelievable show! This Day in Rock on Fleetwood Mac, Thin Lizzy doing Bob Seger for Cooper’s Covers, AND your favorite classics from the Who, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin! PLUS it’s a great Live and Kicking tune by Skynyrd and a new Throwback Thursday band! It’s the one and only Nights with Alice Cooper—accept no imitations!

Friday 09/02/16

HAPPY FRIDAY, the first day of LABOR DAY WEEKEND! The one ‘n’ only lAlice Cooper is ready to kick the whole thing off tonight! How? With a Cooper’s Cover of Van Morrison, a This Day in Rock featuring the Stones, Queen in honor of Freddie Mercury, AND TRIVA about Jimi Hendrix… THEN there’s a cool Live and Kicking song from Jimmy Page with the Black Crowes, and your requests for The Coop and Ozzy! The Labor Day weekend party starts here, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!