Monday – 09/01/14

HAPPY LABOR DAY! It’s your night-ghoul Alice Cooper, working away like the slave he is! This evening, he’ll have Freaky Facts on porcupines and nightmares, plus a Live and Kicking classic from the Ramones. Then Alice’ll spin great double shots from Zeppelin, the Stones, ME and more! Make your ears do the work on Labor Day—listen to Nights with Alice Cooper tonight!

Tuesday – 09/02/14

HEY! It’s that ALICE guy! And on this evening’s show he’s got a Cooper’s Cover of Elton John from the Who, a This Day in Rock featuring the Stones, EMAIL requests for the music YOU want to hear, and Coop’s Freaky Facts that will make you 22% smarter! THEN it’s a Tuesday Bluesday tune from Fleetwood Mac, a Song We Just Don’t Understand by the Beatles and rock and talk that doesn’t suck! The madness is all right here, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Wednesday – 09/03/14

YO! It’s Alice Cooper! On tonight’s show he’ll blow your mind with radio stuff – including a Cooper’s Cover of the late Johnny Winter covering the Stones, This Day in Rock featuring David Bowie, AND TRIVIA on some guy named Alice Cooper. PLUS there’s A Lockdown Rockdown song from ZZ Top, Ya Gotta Love the ‘80s with RATT, and YOUR email requests! It’s action-packed radio for lazy people like YOU, right here tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Thursday – 09/04/14

It’s the night other radio stations called “hump day,” but we’re too cool for THAT! At NWAC, it’s just another way-cool radio show hosted by a rock star! You’ll get a This Day in Rock honoring the Stones, Thin Lizzy doing Bob Seger for Cooper’s Covers, AND your favorites from the Who, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin! PLUS it’s a great Live and Kicking tune by Skynyrd and YOUR requests read in Coop’s terrible accent. Yes, its the one and only Nights with Alice Cooper—accept no imitations!

Friday – 09/05/14

If Monday you’ve got Friday on your mind, then tonight’s radio show is for YOU! Alice Cooper will kick off your weekend tonight with a Cooper’s Cover of Van Morrison, a This Day in Rock featuring American Bandstand, some Queen in honor of Freddie’s birthday, AND TRIVA about Jimi Hendrix… THEN there’s a cool Live and Kicking song from Jimmy Page with the Black Crowes,email requests from you nutcases. The party starts here, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!