Thursday – 07/02/15

Saturday is America’s birthday, so what better way to start the celebration than listening to a patriotic Nights with Alice Cooper? This evening you’ll get Brian Eno for This Day in Rock, TRIVIA on Clapton, and a great Vinyl Siding tune from Neil Young, straight from Coop’s turntable! Then it’s cool rock from the Stones, AC/DC, Hendrix, and Freaky Facts that will make you 7.4 percent smarter! Don’t miss the fireworks, here tonight on the explosive radio show that we like to call Nights with Alice Cooper!

Friday – 07/03/15

HAPPY JULY 3rd! Alice Cooper is the ONLY choice to get your Independence Weekend started! And he’ll do it with special editions of Cooper’s Covers, Freaky Facts about America, Ya Gotta Love the 80s, AND a Live and Kicking from Cheap Trick! PLUS Alice will have trivia about Jim Morrison, and your favorite patriotic songs from Zeppelin, Skynyrd, the Nuge, George Thorogood, and The Coop! It’s better than a firecracker in your butt – it’s Nights with Alice Cooper, right here TONIGHT!