Monday – 10/27/14

Alice Cooper is your Shocktober jock…as in DISC jockey, that is! Let’s get Halloween week going later with Led Zeppelin trivia, bizarre facts all about Halloween AND a Quiet Room song by the Coop himself! Then it’s a Movie Music Madness tune from Rocky Horror, and Alice’s amazing Come Sail Away with Alice cruise contest and my Scary Selfie competition! It’s radio the way YOU want it, only here on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Tuesday – 10/28/14

Your ever-lovin’ night-freak Alice Cooper’s serving up good Halloween week radio for bad people like YOU. This evening he’ll play a great Cooper’s Cover of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins by the Animals, a This Day in Rock featuring the Who, trivia on the Beatles, and Movie Music Madness from Rob Zombie’s Halloween movie! And don’t forget to submit a photo via hashtag Alice Scary Selfie! It’s a pre-Halloween freak-fest of magnificent magnitude on Nights with Alice Cooper, the only radio show powered by Halloween candy!

Wednesday 10/29/14

Well, it’s HALLOWEEN EVE EVE, and Nights with Alice Cooper promises all sorts of trick and treats this evening! Alice has frightening editions of Cooper’s Covers and This Day in Rock, and of course, the Come Sail Away contest where you can win a CRUISE with Coop and a bunch of other cool classic rock bands! Then it’s a Lockdown ROckdown from the Pretenders, and your favorites from David Bowie, Van Halen, Tom Petty, and Aeromsith! Get all hyped up on mini-Snickers and headbang to this evening’s HALLOWEEN horror Nights with Alice Cooper!

Thursday 10/30/14

Horrifyingly happy Halloween Eve from your night freak Alice Cooper! He’s got tons of cool things to make your Thursday night better—funny trivia on Sammy Hagar, a This Day in Rock featuring Pink Floyd, and Coop’s Halloween eve movie releases! Then it’s Freaky Facts about guess what—Halloween, and classics by Thin Lizzy, Guns N’ Roses, Queen and Alice in Chains! Plus, enter to win by your photo drawn by Alice by sending a photo to  the #Alice Scary Selfie contest! It’s a Halloween Eve Thursday night freakout, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper, scary radio for spooky listeners!

Friday 10/31/14

Trick or treat, ghostly listeners! Your horrifying host Alice Cooper is the  MC for all your mutated HALLOWEEN festivities! Fellow Halloween aficionados Dee Snider and Rob Zombie join Coop during the show, plus Alice’ll terrify you with spooky songs from B.O.C., Black Sabbath, Van Halen, some girl named Alice, the Rolling Stones, Zeppelin and more! You’ll get to do the “Time Warp” with Coop and Tim Curry, plus, at, enter to win a trip to hit the open seas with Alice on the Rock Legends Cruise 3 in February! Show up, all you cavity cadavers tonight on the best night of radio ever–it’s the hella-HALLOWEEN Edition of Nights with Alice Cooper!