Monday – 09/22/14

Alice Cooper wants YOU to start the week with HIM, right here tonight on this station! Why? Cause he’ll have a Cooper’s Cover of Bob Dylan from the band Creation PLUS a Future Classic from Bryan Adams. Then he’ll have Freaky Facts on Winston Churchill and the month of January, and a This Day in Rock on David Coverdale, AND of course he’ll read EMAIL requests for bands like Zeppelin from people like YOU! It’s better radio than you deserve, right here tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Tuesday – 09/23/14

Salutations, minions, it’s Alice Cooper! He’s got a very special radio show for you this evening—great TRIVIA about Steely Dan, This Day in Rock featuring Paul McCartney AND a Cooper’s Cover from Eric Burdon and the Animals! Then it’s a Tuesday Bluesday tune by Zeppelin and a BONUS Cooper’s Cover from Blackfoot! It’s better than whatever else you planned on doing tonight—it’s Nights with Alice Cooper, the rare radio show that’s well done and oh-so-tasty!  

Wednesday – 09/24/14

Yes mutants, it’s Alice Cooper, here to remind you to listen to his radio show TONIGHT! Why? ‘Cause he’ll have a Cooper’s Covers of Slade by Quiet Riot, AND a This Day in Rock on Jimi Hendrix. PLUS it’s a Ya Gotta Love the 80s from John Bonham’s son JASON, Live and Kicking from Queen, and all of your favorites from AC/DC, Guns N’ Roses, ELO, plus YOUR email requests! It’s the freak-show we like to call Nights with Alice Cooper, right here tonight!

Thursday – 09/25/14

Of course, it’s Alice, who were you expecting, George Clooney?! This evening Coop’s got a stupendous show – This Day in Rock featuring John Bonham, a Cooper’s Covers of the Byrds from YES and a BONUS Cover from Twisted Sister, YOUR email requests, AND a Future Classic from Robert Plant! Then of course there’s TRIVIA on the Beatles, deep cuts and so much more! Listen tonight to Nights with Alice Cooper, random radio for mutated minions!

Friday – 09/26/14

Happy Friday from your radio guru Alice Cooper! Start your weekend with the Coop tonight — he’ll have a big tribute to the Beatles for the 45th anniversary of Abbey Road, a cool Cooper’s Cover of Patti Smith, TRIVIA on Hendrix, and Ya Gotta Love the 80s featuring Ronnie James Dio! Plus, of course, This Day in Rock, Freaky Facts, and EMAIL requests from people like you! It’s a Friday night freakout, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!