Thursday 12/14/17

Ho Ho Ho!  It’s Alice Cooper here and this evening your ho ho-host has got special Christmas editions of Cooper’s Covers and Freaky Facts and a Ya Gotta Love the 80s from WASP! And then Coop’s got an interview with Metal Blade Records Brian Slagel AND a book giveaway, plus the Doors, ZZ Top, Bad Company, Zeppelin and more! Let’s curl up by the fire and roast our nuts together, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper!

Friday 12/15/17

Happy Friday from your holiday freak Alice Cooper! Tonight he’s got a ridiculous show planned to make your holidays happy and gay – you’ll get a Cooper’s Covers from Aerosmith, This Day in Rock honoring Ahmet Ertegun, a Live and Kicking song from ZZ Top, AND Freaky Facts that will make your brain swell! Imagine THAT! It’s the only thing this holidays that WON’T make you feel like vomiting – Nights with Alice Cooper! Listen tonight, my little reindears—and don’ts!

Monday 12/18/17

Ho Ho Ho!  It’s Alice Cooper on Christmas Week, reminding you to celebrate the holidays with him! Tonight you’ll get Freaky Facts all about the holidays and an email request for your humble holiday host. Then there’s This Day in Rock on Keith and Mick, AND of course Alice will spin your favorite tunes from Guns N’ Roses, Motorhead, ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin! Let’s curl up by the fire and roast some chestnuts, tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper, your holiday ho ho ho-down!

Tuesday 12/19/17

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve from Alice Cooper! On tonight’s radio show Alice will have rockin’ Christmas music from Bob Dylan, Cheech & Chong and plenty more! Plus, there’s a Movie Music Madness with Jim Carrey AND requests from you folks! Then he’ll spin songs you need to hear, from AC/DC, Van Halen, Skynyrd and Motley Crue. Don’t miss the Yuletide madness—Nights with Alice Cooper—it’s the only radio show that keeps on giving!!

Wednesday 12/20/17

Happy Week Before Christmas! It’s your holiday host Alice Cooper with LOADS of musical gifts, including Christmas covers and special holiday-themed segments from Bob Dylan, U2, Spinal Tap, AND The Coop, of course. Yule get Freaky Facts that will make you popular at your office Xmas party, plus tunes to head bang to! It’s a holiday celebration for all you ho ho hos, only right here tonight on Christmas Week with Alice Cooper!

Thursday 12/21/17

Happy almost Christmas from The Coop, and your goons at nights with Alice cooper! This eve, Alice has a Christmas Cooper’s Cover and special holiday-themed segments. Plus all your faves from Billy Idol, The Beatles, Twisted Sister, Tom Petty, Jimi Hendrix, the Pretenders AND Alice! Then your host’ll have a Southern Rock holiday song from Skynyrd—just think of it as HIS gift to YOU! Yes, it’s a Christmas celebration for all you ho ho hos, only tonight on Nights with Alice Cooper, a rock & roll holiday hoe-down!

Friday 12/22/17

Merry Weekend before Christmas, mutants, minions and reindeer! Alice Cooper has a gift to you and it’s… HIM! But really it’s Coop playing great music from Jimi Hendrix, Cheap Trick, Metallica and himself! Plus he’ll spin a Bob Dylan tune from the Bad Santa 2 soundtrack, and give you aural—that’s with an A, you weirdos!–presents from AC/DC, the Stones, and The Kinks! Of course, Alice will read YOUR emails in his terrible accents, and tell you about what HE’S up to this holiday. Don’t miss the most bizarre Christmas kickoff Weekend around, tonight on the ho, ho, ho-rrific Nights with Alice Cooper!