Thursday – 05/26/16

HEY! Listen to Nights with Alice Cooper this evening, where you’ll hear a This Day in Rock featuring Led Zeppelin, some TRIVIA on Steely Dan, and Live and Kicking from George Harrison! Then it’s a ‘Ya Gotta Love the 80s’ tune from Lita Ford and freaky facts on earaches and President Harding! Just leave the radio on this station until this evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper if you know what’s good for you!

Friday – 05/27/16

Happy Friday! It’s your radio-goblin Alice Cooper! I’ve got a great show tonight to start your long Memorial Weekend—it’s This Day in Rock featuring the Sex Pistols, a great blues cover from Aerosmith a BONUS cover from Faster Pussycat, plus a rare Live and Kicking cover from the Jimi Hendrix Experience! All the madness and mayhem is here tonight on the Friday night edition of Nights with Alice Cooper!