10 thoughts on “Me, Alice – Volume 26

  1. Why did they lock you in your cabin? You didn’t lock yourself in there, Uncle Alice, tell the truth! You are locked in the ship’s one and only quite room!

    • Alice would get mobbed if he went out of his room, and it just makes sense for him to stay there, even though he likes to meet and talk to people. This just wasn’t the right place for him to do that…

  2. Hope u had fun dearie! It’s was sold out before I could grab a spot lol. Never sell out, never surrender! Alice Cooper, you are water and air to us minions 🙂 Be safe on tour with the Crue!!! See you in August dearie! Til then sweet nightmares 🙂

  3. Hey Alice Cooper, the Coop, don’t forget to send us videos and or photos of the cruise cause it may only be a once in a lifetime experience for all of us to view as we go forward in time. Hey Ryan, Glen, Chuck, and Anita, and Tommy, come on…send us some videos and photos.

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