13 thoughts on “Me, Alice – Volume 25

  1. You’ve been through ALOT! Glad you are doing better!

    && Happy early birthday Mr. Cooper!!! (1 more day!!!) ETERNALLY EIGHTEEN! LOL. Can’t Wait to see you play & meet & greet with you at the Montley Crue show in August!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Alice, for your big day tomorrow! Hope you have a healthy and safe year, as you travel around the country and the world. God bless you for all you do to help others in need!

  3. Happy birthday Alice! Hope you have a good one. Looking forward to seeing you again somewhere on the road – UK maybe? Please come, it’s been AGES 🙂

  4. Happy B-day Alice…Rock On! Come visit us again in Tucson, you get a free car wash here on your B-day at “Octopus car wash “!
    Deb V.

  5. Belated happy birthday Alice. Just found 2 days before the cool Halloween-Mask you have made together with Trick or Treat! I like it very much – great artwort – cool merchandise!
    Kind regards from Germany

  6. Hi do you remember me I was talking to you while reading a book the other day while listening to you play music and I was jamming with you and Matt Jackson live.com two nights ago I really am that person and I got you to help me lose a boyfriend I said stop texting ellie. I know you work at the radio station because I love your music and last couple of days you have been in with me telepathic lee welcome to my world. Can you please invite Matt Jackson live.com to your station with you for a interview please. I already told you would yes I kept you up helping me care for someone who is really and you been getting really happy lately I have to tell you that I can connect to people when I”m not there. Plzs help me you rock On 100.7 in az right. all my love Ellie

  7. Wow! You really blew the roof off of the place with Joe Perry! I am a sound and production manager at a very large facility in Chicago. Will you be going on the road with Joe Perry? “Ace of Spades is Great! I am a loyal fan and have seen you in concert. Your voice sounds better than ever! Will you be replacing Steven Tyler? Please send me a reply. Your loyal Fan, Bob Repa.

  8. Hello Alice Cooper i can’t wait for you to come to Australia and do another concert and i can’t wait for you and the Hollywood Vampires to do a Australian concert from your fan Rhiannon

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