5 thoughts on “Me, Alice – Volume 22

  1. Alice

    So excited for you and Sheryl becoming grandparents. Your grand sons are so lucky.. Your my idol. I just can’t get enough of ALICE…. ? your show Nov. 28 will you be performing any of your ballads?So excited to see you, just wish I could meet you. section B seats 5&6 yahoo..

  2. Lucky Canadians! I hope they enjoy the Halloween show, and I hope that you’re thinking of coming back to UK for next years! Congrats on the grandkids xxx

  3. Hi Alice. My online Alice fan friends and I are debating whether a story I read many years ago is true … and only YOU can answer it. I seem to recall the story went something like this … you were hosting a party and decided to buy the mechanical shark from Jaws to put in your swimming pool, just to give the guests a scare. TRUE … or hocus pocus?

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