11 thoughts on “Me, Alice – Volume 21

  1. Had the privilege of seeing your show at Riverbend in Cincinnati. Brought my older children with me. They loved the show as much as I did. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Hey Alice !!! Long time. School has been keeping me busy. Any who looking forward to seeing you and the crue in Denver in September. Keep it real and come to Greeley at some point

  3. Great to see you in Germany last month Alice, shame you won’t be back in UK this year. Lets hope next year will be a bumper tour for us!!

  4. Went to my second Concert of yours in Columbus Ohio, and i love being able to say that you stole the show. The first time i saw you was with Iron Maiden in Detroit, and i have to say that was the best concert i had ever been to. The energy you put into your music, and the stories told through the songs are amazing, and i hope to be able to attend many more of your concerts. The best times of my life. And knowing you are a born again christian like myself is a wonderful thing. God Bless

  5. The reviews are pretty much saying that your show is outstanding while Motley Crue has been less than stellar. I still want to see their show, even though you are my reason to be there. You never disappoint me!

    • I attended that concert, It was a bad sandwich for me. The openers were less then desirable, and Motley Crue really disappointed me. But smack dab in the middle was Alice Cooper and I was happy for an hour or so. You’ve never seen anything like it, that’s for sure.

  6. I went to The Hollywood Bowl and saw Alice Cooper and Motley Crue, and it was a fantastic, and this was an outstanding show! This was an excellent venue for these bands to express themselves at, and their performances were dynamite! A lifetime memory forever. Can you guys top this one Alice, Motley, and any other bands? It was spectacular! It was fantastic! It was a dynamite show! The best one ever!

  7. Alice ,
    Me And My Brother & My Sister
    Came To See The Final Tour
    At What Used To Be
    The Star Lake Amphitheatre in Pa.
    It Took 3 Hours
    To Get There
    & About An Hour
    To Get Back…
    TRAFFIC SUCKS (in-short)
    When We Got There Billion Dollar Babies was Playing
    We Weren`t Even Parked Yet…
    We Got To See The Last 3 Songs
    & As Good As That Was… It Was Still A Bummer…
    On The Up Side
    Both My Brother & My Sister Said
    They`d Come To See You
    The Next Time Your In Town…
    You See…
    They, Unlike Myself
    Have Never seen you Live…
    Can you believe that? ya me Niether…
    I Think The Crue Did Well…
    Their Encore Was Awesome…
    The Best Part Of Their Show I Think…

    W.Kremer III

  8. “All for you, Damien!” I haven’t seen that flick in ages. When that came out, I actually shaved my little brother’s head, looking for the sixes.

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