10 thoughts on “Me, Alice – Volume 20

  1. Good???? there is no such thing as be good. I wanna know about that band on the new record BAD gotta go school work needs to be

  2. Loved the film! Brought back lots of memories. I was in high school back in the late 60′s early 70′s. Saw you in concert twice back then. Still a huge fan. Thanks for your honesty in the film, and thanks for your inspiration. I LOVE to perform on stage!

  3. Alice. Just a quick question ! When are you touring Australia?
    You have alot of fans in Perth, Western Australia.
    I am 38 so I am no kiddie.

  4. Can’t wait to see this film! Have the DVD and t-shirt on pre-order, but also bought tickets to see it on the big screen when it comes to a city in my area next month. I know it will be great!

  5. Went to see Super Duper this past weekend in Amsterdam. It blew me away. I felt there was a lot left out, but then, well… I think a complete history would’ve lasted a few days, not an hour and a half. The end-result was very gripping, funny and heartbreaking, and I loved the way pictures came alive in the film. (I loved the childhood/Earwigs/Nazz period pics, but Elton’s pantygrab had the *entire* audience in tears with laughter!) My husband and I have the box set on preorder, and I look forward to seeing it again. Thanks for the insights, Uncle Alice! Take care of yourself eh. Love, Josepha

  6. I Now Have A Copy Of Super Duper Alice Cooper
    It Was A Fathers Day Present…Awesome Stuff…
    It`s Well Put Together…& Interesting…
    As Well As Entertaining…
    & It Fills In The Blanks
    What Happened To Alice After Rehab…?
    He Looks Healthy….That`s A Good Thing…
    Cut To…
    “The Strange Case Of Alice Cooper Tour”
    &… Why Does He Look Like
    Somebodies Taking All Of His Food Away…?
    All I Can say Is
    Thanks For Finding The Strength To Find Your Way Home…
    Your An Awesome Entertainer
    And I Always Look Forward
    To Your Shows, Music Or Really Whatever…
    & It Truly… Trruuuly…
    Would Have Sucked… Had The Darkness Won…
    So Thank You…Really…I Mean that…
    W.Kremer III

  7. I loved the DVD! Bought it at the Macon show :) Plan on framing the autographed insert! It is definitely interesting. You’ve seen so much happen! Just glad you’re still out there rocking strong & that I got to see it first hand! No other experience like it!

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