5 thoughts on “Me, Alice – Volume 19

  1. Alice,
    Hey Good To Hear The New Album Is Almost Done
    Very much Looking Forward To That…
    & The New Flick Sounds Cool as Well…
    Dig The Retro-Title…
    I was Wondering If You had Mentioned
    a Sad Note on your Radio Show
    About The Loss of Fellow Shock Rocker
    Oderus U./Dave B.
    Gonna Miss That Guy…
    What a Bummer…
    Take care
    If You hadn`t Mentioned it
    Do you Think Maybe You Could Give A Shout Out
    Gwar`s Cover Of “School`s Out”…
    With a “Sick of You” Chaser…
    You Rock
    Keep It Up
    Till Next Time
    W. Kremer III

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