15 thoughts on “Me, Alice – Volume 11

  1. Looking forward to seeing you in Germany soon, Alice! And Cropredy in UK – are you gonna come back to Uk later in the year? Hope so. Penny xx

  2. Saw you guys last Friday in Mohegan Sun. Alice was amazing as always, thought Picture Me Broken was an ok opening act. Manson just sounded bad, I mean his voice not his band. I’ve seen Manson before and have to say was let down with his performance.

  3. I also saw the Connecticut show. Was there for Alice only. We was going to cruise the casino but sat down for Manson. Was glad we did. I thought he was fantastic. Not what I was expecting. Would have appreciated a full Coop show. I can die again now having been able to see him and his ass kick band. Thanks a billion, Alice:-)

  4. Looking forward to seeing you, Alice, in two weeks. Glad there will be a whole show, and not a shortened one to accommodate MM. Either way, your show is always over too soon for me!

    • Loved the CT show with Alice. Alice ws the highlight of the evening. Never disappointed when I see this hero of mine! 🙂

  5. Saw You Guys In Pgh. Pa.
    Awesome You Both Rocked It!
    It Was Nice To See M.Manson Stepped it up
    From The Ohio Show…With R.Zombie

    It was Cool To See You & Your People Again
    Thank You For Coming Back To Pgh.
    & Thank You
    For That Middle Set
    Nightmare Bits
    It`s Cool
    When You Guys Do
    The Rockin Alice Show…
    It`s Very Cool
    to See
    The Dark Twisted Nightmare Side..
    Keep it Coming…Pls…
    I`ve Got A Request For Ya …
    Next time Your In Pgh. Pa.
    “Only Six Hours”
    I Really Dig That Song
    There`s A Classick Darkness To It…
    If You Could… I Thank You…again
    P.S. Happy 4th!
    A Long Time Fan
    W.Kremer III

    • Hey Uncle Alice!!! I think it’s hard for me to be evern more weird than I am now. I don’t think it will get along with math homework. I swear I just wanna stab that book. Anywho keep the great work.

  6. Was at the CT show and was honestly disappointed in how the Manson fans acted. Alice, however, fantastic as always and never disappoints.

  7. question for u MR C who was the bass player in the David Bowies song heros , that song is awsome the bass is so unbelieveable fans need to hear ,great song

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